Monthly Dances

Please note that the dances for this season will return to running from 7:00 to 10:00 PM

All dances are held at:
Calvary Lutheran Church
165 West Crescent Ave.
Allendale NJ 07401

Camp Acorn offers a three hour social/recreational evening where campers can interact with their peers and enjoy a variety of activities including dancing, art, or sport activities. Snacks are provided.

Please email with any inquiries regarding the Monthly Dances.

Randi Rae

Randi Rae has over 25 years of experience working with individuals with special needs. She uses adaptive techniques to expose individuals to theme song dance and novelty party activities.

Dances for the 2013-2014 Winter Program

October 4, 2013
No November Dance
December 6, 2013
January 3, 2014Winter Olympics
February 7, 2014Fall in Love with Camp Acorn
March 21, 2014St. Paddy's Party
April 4, 2014Batter Up
May 2, 2014Over the Rainbow

Our past Dance themes have included: