Parent Testimonials

My son is looking forward to another fun filled summer at Camp Acorn. He gets to see his friends making memories to last a lifetime. He loves interacting with all the staff who are great!


After a recent week long illness, the best medicine that even a doctor could not prescribe was to go back to Camp Acorn. Happiness cannot be measured in a bottle. Thank you Camp Acorn for being there.

LG Parent of a special camper

My daughter loves Camp Acorn! She has been going for the past 10 years. She enjoys all the activities, being with friends and of course the wonderful supportive staff! We are so happy that there is a place like Camp Acorn for her!


Our son wakes up smiling every morning now that Camp Acorn's summer program has started. We notice such a positive change in his behaviors and overall affect during the summer months and attribute it to camp!


My son is so very fortunate to be affiliated with Camp Acorn. He has been involved since the beginning of the Camp and his Saturdays and Summers are so much more enjoyable. Going to Camp and being with the great counsellors and campers is a wonderful experience for him. He also loves the monthly dances. I can't imagine his life without Camp Acorn!


My son had the greatest time at the Camp Acorn annual sleepover; boating on the lake, singing around the campfire, and staying up most of the night with the incredible staff and all his friends. He did not want it to end. Thanks to everyone at Camp Acorn for a wonderful experience!!!!

M.M. Parent of a Special Camper

My son, who is cognitively impaired, has been at Camp Acorn for a wonderful 5 years. Each year we have noticed a remarkable difference in his social skills, independence, and ability to make friends. The staff is warm and wonderful and the Director is an angel on earth. I like Camp Acorn because there are many positive male role models for my son to spend time with. I highly recommend a stay at Camp Acorn for your special needs camper!

Mr& Mrs. F., Parents of Special Needs camper, Age 19.

Camp Acorn is incredible. My son really looks forward to the dances, Saturday respite and summer camp. He actually tells me to leave! I never thought he would form such a strong bond. The directors and staff are always enthusiastic and ready to give the campers 100%! We would be lost without Camp Acorn!!

JS, mother of a camper

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